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Rebuilt Diffusion Vacuum Pumps

We have diffusion vacuum pumps completely rebuilt from the ground up. Check out our selection.

Edwards SI100 Diffusion Vacuum Pump Rebuilt Refurbished

    Item Number: EDWARDS-SI100


    Warranty: 1 year past the documented date of installation.

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    Edwards SI100 Diffusion Vacuum Pump Rebuilt Refurbished

    The Edwards SI100 pump is an air-cooled, compact, fast warm-up diffusion pump with an integral baffle. The pump has been designed for high vacuum performance with low backstreaming for use in scientific instruments.

    The pump body has fins and is air-cooled. Cooling air is blown over the fins by the cooling-fan on the pump. The pump body has a backing condenser. The inlet-baffle is thermoelectrically cooled.

    The interior of the pump has upper and lower jet-stages, an ejector-stage and a top-jet cap. A transit spring is fitted between the interior assembly and the inlet-baffle. This spring prevents damage to the jet-stages and the inlet-baffle when you move the pump.

    The pump heater is inside the base of the pump; it heats the pump fluid to generate the required vapor. The radiation shield (8) reduces heat loss from the base of the pump and increases the efficiency of the pump.

    The pump has electrical supply cables for the heater, cooling-fan and baffle.

    Edwards SI100 Diffusion Pump Technical Data
    Recommended fluid type Santovac 5
    Fluid charge 20 ml
    Minimum backing pump displacement
    for maximum throughput
    5 m3h-1
    Recommended backing pumps See Table below
    Inlet flange ISO 100 compatible
    Backing flange NW16
    Mass 4.2 kg
    Performance data  
    Pumping speed

    100 ls-1
    65 ls-1
    60 ls-1
    Throughput See Table below
    Backstreaming 1.5 x 10-5
    Average fluid loss (steady state) 0.05 g.hour-1 (,
    Compression ratio (log10) 4.80 at 0.2 mbar (20 Pa) backing pressure
    Inlet pressure stability ± 3% at <4 x 10-4 mbar gauge (4 x 10-2 Pa) over 1 minute (mean pressure variation < 2%)
    Maximum ambient operating temperature 35 °C
    Warm up time 10 minutes
    Cool down time < 20 minutes
    Electrical data Note: You must install a power management system which ensures that the heater input power is between 220 W and 240 W.
    Nominal electrical supply
    Pump heater

    90/180 V a.c.
    110/220 V a.c.
    8 to 12 V d.c. (current limited at 1.5 A)
    Electrical power consumption
    Pump heater (See Note above)

    230 W
    18 W
    12 W
    260 W
    Pump fluid data Note: A BOC Edwards Material Safety Data Sheet for Santovac 5 is available on request.
    Santovac 5
    Flash point
    Auto-ignition point
    Molecular weight

    288 °C
    590 °C
    Materials of construction  
    Pump-body Stainless steel / 3CR12
    Interior Mild steel (nickel plated) and aluminium
    Inlet-baffle assembly Copper (nickel plated) and aluminium
    ‘O’ rings Fluoroelastomer
    Throughput Backing pump table
    RV3 RV5 RV12 E2M2 E2M12

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    Our precision vacuum pump rebuild process restores worn or damaged equipment back to the original manufacturers specifications and
    costs a fraction of purchasing new components. Each unit reconditioned by IVS is supported by the most competitive,
    practical warranty in the business: one year from the documented date of installation, not shipment.

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