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Rebuilt Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

Dry claw vacuum pumps 100% rebuilt, restored to original equipment manufacturers specifications.

Edwards iQDP80 Claw Type Dry Vacuum Pump Rebuilt Refurbished

Edwards iQDP80 Claw Type Dry Vacuum Pump Rebuilt Refurbished
    Item Number: EDWARDS-IQDP80



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    Edwards iQDP80 Claw Type Dry Vacuum Pump Rebuilt Refurbished

    The iQ system

    The iQ system operates at pressures between atmospheric and ultimate vacuum with no lubricating or sealing fluid in the pumping chamber(s). This ensures a clean pumping system without back-migration of oil into the system being evacuated.

    The iQDP40 system has an iQDP40 dry pump and the iQDP80 system has an iQDP80 dry pump. The iQ combination systems have an iQDP40 or iQDP80 with a iQMB mechanical booster fitted to the inlet of the iQDP pump. The iQMB pump can be directly mounted on the iQDP inlet or can be mounted in an iQMB booster frame.

    Both the iQDP and iQMB pumps have enclosed, water-cooled motors. The iQ system is therefore suitable for applications in clean environments where fan cooling is unacceptable.

    The iQ system has a Gas Module which introduces purge gas into the iQDP pump. Three types of Gas Module are available, suitable for light, medium and harsh duty processes: (for example, if you want to use the iQsystem in a different process), you can change the Gas Module.

    You can manually control the iQ system through an optional Pump Display Module accessory: Alternatively, you can use your process tool or other control equipment to control the operation of the iQ system through an Interface Module accessory, or you can use the iQSingle Pumpset Monitor accessory to control the operation of the iQ system. The remainder of this manual describes the use of the Pump Display Module to operate the iQ system: for use of another accessory to operate the iQ system, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the accessory.

    The iQDP pump

    The iQDP pump is a four-stage, positive displacement rotary pump in which pairs of intermeshing rotors (of different profiles mounted on common shafts) are held in correct phase relation by a pair of timing-gears. The timing-gears and the adjacent double-row angular contact ball-bearings, are oil lubricated.

    Thepumphas an indirect cooling-system and the pump-motor is water cooled.

    Edwards IQDP 80 General Data
    Warm-up time to nominal performance 15 min
    Vacuum system maximum leak-rate 1 x 10-5 mbar l s-1 (1 x 10-3 Pa l s-1)
    Exhaust system maximum leak-rate 1 x 10-5 mbar l s-1 (1 x 10-3 Pa l s-1)
    Ambient operating temperature range 5 to 40 °C
    Maximum ambient operating humidity 90% RH
    Noise level < 70 dB(A) *
    Mass 216 kg

    * measured at 1 metre from the pump.

    Edwards IQDP 80 Technical Data
    Typical peak pumping speed 50 Hz
    60 Hz
    Displacement (swept volume) 50 Hz
    60 Hz
    Typical ultimate vacuum with shaft-seals purge only 50 Hz mbar
    3 x 10-2
    60 Hz mbar
    1 x 10-2
    Maximum continuous inlet pressure mbar
    1x 103
    1x 105
    Inlet connection - ISO63
    Outlet connection - NW40


    Edwards IQDP 80 Cooling Water Supply
    Maximum supply pressure 100 psig (6.9 bar, 6.9 x 105 Pa)
    Minimum required pressure differential across supply & return 30 psi (2.1 bar, 2.1 x 105 Pa)
    Typical heat removed from iQDP pump 1.75 kW (iQDP40), 2.75 kW (iQDP80)
    Maximum particle size in supply 0.03 mm2


    Edwards IQDP 80 Cooling-water consumption
    iQDP pump operating temperature
    (measured at the thermal snapswitch position)
    Maximum water consumption (l h-1) of pump operating with 50 Hz electrical supply, at ultimate vacuum with cooling-water supply temperature of 20 oC and a pressure differential across the supply and return of 30 psi (1.9 x 105 Pa)

    55 °C
    70 °C
    90 °C


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    Our precision vacuum pump rebuild process restores worn or damaged equipment back to the original manufacturers specifications and
    costs a fraction of purchasing new components. Each unit reconditioned by IVS is supported by the most competitive,
    practical warranty in the business: one year from the documented date of installation, not shipment.

    Click here to see the full IVS Business Practical Warranty
    • IVS will safely package your product for shipment at no additional charge.
    • Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and charges.
    • Please allow ten days for delivery from order date to allow for certification and shipping of your equipment.

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