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Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps

IVS has totally rebuilt dry scroll type pumps in stock and ready to go.

Varian TriScroll 600 pump, single phase Rebuilt, Refurbished

Varian TriScroll 600 pump, single phase Rebuilt, Refurbished
    Item Number: VARIAN-TRISCROLL-600-single-phase


    Warranty: 1 year past the documented date of installation.

    *Product images are for reference purposes only and do not necessarily correspond to the actual product.  


    Varian TriScroll 600 pump, single phase Rebuilt, Refurbished

    Varian Scroll Pumps Overview

    Single-sided Scroll

    Enables quick and easy tip seal change.

    Hour Meter

    Gives an accurate measurement of total run time which facilitates maintenance planning.

    Fuse Holder and Voltage Changeover Tab

    Easy and quick voltage selection.

    On/Off Switch

    Easily accessible.

    IEC 320 Power Connection

    Flexible electrical connections for easy installation worldwide.

    TriScroll Dry Primary Pumps

    TriScroll Dry Primary Pumps are multi-stage dry vacuum pumps designed and manufactured by Varian for high reliability. The TriScroll pumps produce oil-free vacuum at high speed and low ultimate pressure. The unique patented TriScroll features provide proven reliability and durability leading to superior cost of ownership and consistent performance.

    Unique TriScroll Design

    Delivers high pumping speed and achieves low ultimate pressure, within a compact design.

    Bearing Purge Port

    Improved tolerance for condensable gases; improved reliability; longer service interval.

    Proven Reliability

    Thanks to patented solutions, fieldproven reliability has been achieved in innumerable applications

    Automatic Ballast Port

    Improves tolerance for water vapor and handling of condensable gases for consistent performance.

    Frequency inverter-driven TriScroll Pumps

    Frequency inverter-driven TriScroll Pumps deliver constant pumping speed worldwide regardless of line frequency. Inverters allow selection of the optimal pumping speed for any application by adjusting the nominal rotational speed of the pump. A 9 pin D-shell connector allows remote start and stop with a contact closure, and the serial interface enables monitoring of the pump parameters and remote start capability.

    Typical Applications

    Scanning Electron Microscopes

    Varian scroll pumps provide clean and reliable dry vacuum, ideal for maintaining the critical condition of instrument columns.

    Primary backing pump for turbo systems

    The ideal selection for backing high vacuum turbo pumps, eliminating the risk of system contamination.

    General purpose laboratory applications

    Proven scroll technology provides predictable dry vacuum at low base pressure for long periods of time. Scroll design eliminates all possibility of sudden and catastrophic failure associated with technologies such as diaphragm pumps. The SH-110 is equipped with a handle for easy movement around the laboratory.

    Beam Lines

    Fast and oil-free pump down in combination with turbomolecular pumps and ion pumps. Scroll pumps are part of a total Varian Vacuum Technologies dry product offering, including turbo pumps and ion pumps.

    Drying Ovens

    Scroll pumps eliminate the risk of backstreaming hydrocarbon oil into the oven system. The gas ballast feature guarantees reliable operation where water vapor is to be pumped.

    Load Locks and Transfer chambers

    Scroll pumps are proven as a highly reliable and low maintenance choice for clean dry pumping in production equipment on load locks and transfer chambers.


    Scroll pumps are commonly used for regeneration of cryogenic pumps. Use of the inert gas purge kit accessory is recommended for this application to enhance pumping of condensable vapor.

    Manufacturing/Glove Box Enclosures

    Scroll pumps are an economical choice for critical manufacturing, eliminating the risk of oil contamination, and costly waste disposal. Varian scroll pumps keep the manufacturing environment hydrocarbon free.

    Leak Detection

    The TriScroll modules used in Helium Mass Spec Leak Detection have been specifically optimized for this application, improving the compression ratio for Helium.

    TriScroll Inverter pumps apply the benefits of frequency inverter technology to the performance of Varian TriScroll dry primary vacuum pumps. TriScroll Pumps eliminate the frequent maintenance requirements of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, simplifying regulatory and environmental compliance, and eliminating oil disposal costs. Inverter-driven TriScroll 600 pumps also deliver:

    • Constant pumping speed worldwide regardless of line frequency
    • Optimal pumping speed selection by adjustment of the rotational speed of the pump via RS232 or 0–10V control signal
    • Monitoring of pump parameters via serial interface
    • Remote start/stop with a contact closure made possible by a standard D-shell connector
    • Optimal rotational speed selection reduces noise and vibration levels in the work area with little loss in base pressure performance of the pump
    Peak pumping speed
    50 Hz l/min. m3/h (cfm)
    60 Hz l/min. m3/h (cfm)

    500, 30 (17.7)
    Ultimate pressure mbar (Torr) 9.3 x 10-3 (7 x 10-3)
    Maximum inlet pressure atm (psig) 1.0 (0)
    Maximum outlet pressure atm (psig) 1.1 (1.5)
    Inlet connection NW40
    Exhaust connection 3/8" Female NPT with swivel (NW25 adapter provided)
    Gas ballast 1/4" Female NPT (40 micron sintered filter provided)
    Motor rating (1 phase) HP (kW) 0.67 (0.5)
    Operating voltages
    single phase 50 Hz
    single phase 60 Hz
    three phase 50 Hz
    three phase 60 Hz

    200-240 VAC
    200-240 VAC
    Motor thermal protection Automatic
    Operating speed 1800 @ 62 Hz
    Cooling system Air-cooled
    Ambient operating temperature °C (°F) 5 to 40 (41 to 104)
    Storage temperature °C (°F) -20 to 60 (-4 to 140)
    Weight pump only kg (lbs) 31 (68)
    Shipping weight kg (lbs) 39 (85)
    Noise level (per ISO 11201) dB(A) Variable with frequency 55 ÷ 68
    Vibration level (per ISO 10816-1) Variable with frequency

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    Our precision vacuum pump rebuild process restores worn or damaged equipment back to the original manufacturers specifications and
    costs a fraction of purchasing new components. Each unit reconditioned by IVS is supported by the most competitive,
    practical warranty in the business: one year from the documented date of installation, not shipment.

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    • Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and charges.
    • Please allow ten days for delivery from order date to allow for certification and shipping of your equipment.

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