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Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps Reconditioned

IVS has fully reconditioned turbo pumps in stock and ready to go!

Pfeiffer HiPace 700 ISO160/TC400 Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Rebuilt, Refurbished

Pfeiffer HiPace 700 ISO160/TC400 Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Rebuilt, Refurbished
    Item Number: PFEIFFER-HIPACE-700


    Warranty: 1 year past the documented date of installation.

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    Pfeiffer HiPace 700 ISO160/TC400 Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Rebuilt, Refurbished

    Pfeiffer Turbo Pumps

    For perfect vacuum solutions to challenging applications

    The origin

    Why are all turbopumps called turbopumps? Because the multitalented pacesetters were invented by Pfeiffer Vacuum over 50 years ago under this very name: a definitive milestone in vacuum technology! Our turbopumps represent the latest generation of future-orientated vacuum solutions for a wide spectrum of uses. This spectrum includes not only analytics, vacuum process and semiconductor technology, but also coating, research and development as well as industrial applications.

    The turbopump family includes a wide product spectrum in the pumping speed range of 10 to 2,700 l/s. The pumps provide high cost-efficiency and flexibility. Well-proven bearing systems offer optimized reliability. Thanks to the proven rotor design, extremely high values are achieved where pumping speeds, backing pump compatibility and gas throughput, as well as compression for light gases, are concerned.


    HiPace® 10-800:

    Compact, ball or hybrid bearing turbopumps in the pumping speed class from 10 to 800 l/s. Robust design. Minimal space needs. High reliability.

    HiPace® 1200-2300:

    Compact, hybrid bearing turbopumps in the pumping speed class from 1,000 to 2,000 l/s. High pumping speed. High gas throughput. Short run-up time.

    HiPace® 300-800 M, ATH 500 M:

    Compact, magnetically levitated turbopumps in the pumping speed class from 300 to 800 l/s. High gas throughput. Low vibration operation. Low energy consumption.

    ATH 1600-3200 M:

    Compact, magnetically levitated turbopumps in the pumping speed class from 1,300 to 2,700 l/s. High backing pump compatibility. Very high gas throughput. Outstanding longterm stability.

    Bearing technologies

    Hybrid bearing

    The combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the fore-vacuum side and a permanent magnetic radial bearing on the high vacuum side is called hybrid bearing. This bearing technology does not require electromagnets and has a long service life with maintenance intervals of approximately 4 years. The ball bearing and the operating fluid reservoir can be replaced on site within less than 30 minutes.

    Magnetic levitation

    Electromagnetic bearings are also called ‘active magnetically levitated’, because the rotor position is continuously monitored and adjusted accordingly. This enables wear-free, low vibration operation with an automatic out-of-balance compensation. Continuous rotor stability is assured. These bearings are maintenance-free and require no lubrication.

    Pfeiffer Turbomolecular Pumps

    General Informatioin

    It's hard to imagine modern technology without vacuum. In large research facilities such as DESY in Hamburg, university physics laboratories, semiconductor fab lines, thin film technology, leak testing, picture tube manufacture, analytics and many other areas besides, vacuum technology plays a key role.

    The most important instrument for generating high vacuum is undoubtedly the turbomolecular pump, also called the turbopump (TMP), which was designed in 1957 by W. Becker at the Pfeiffer companay.

    Final pressure

    According to DIN 28 428, the final pressure of turbo pumps is defined as the pressure reached in a test dome 48 hours after baking. The attainable final pressure depends on the backing pump, the seal on the HV flange and the entire vacuum apparatus. The final pressures specified in the Technical Data apply for metal-sealed pumps.

    Metal seals are offered as options for ISO-K flange systems. With these the specified final pressures of the TMP are attained. Using the standard elastomer O-ring seal, a final pressure of < 1 x 10-8 is reached.

    Corrosive gas technology

    The models in this series are designed to offer maximum reliability in processes involving high flow rates of corrosive gases.

    Special surface finishing, Fomblin lubrication with a large lubricant reservoir and the integrated purge gas system optimize up-times and reliability of these pumps in typical applications of semiconductor and coating technology.

    Purge gas system

    All the turbo pump models for corrosive gas applications are equipped with a purge gas connection. When aggressive gases are pumped, an inert gas such as nitrogen has to be introduced to the turbo pump to protect the bearings and motor. The flow of purge gas can be controlled with the purge gas valve. The choice of backing pump has to allow for the fact that the flushing gas increases the gas load.


    Venting is the term for introducing gas into vacuum apparatus or a vacuum pump. If a turbopump is switched off, the rotor comes to a standstill, the impurities on the fore-vacuum side (oil/water) diffuse into the vacuum chamber and contaminate the chamber walls and objects inside. By introducing dry gas at the venting connection of the turbopump, contamination of the vacuum chamber is avoided. Due to venting, a pressure between 10 and 1000 mbar should be set.

    Scope of delivery

    Turbopumps are either delivered with oil already filled or with an accompanying lubricant pack. For corrosive gas models, lubricant filling must be ordered separately. TPH and TMH models are supplied with four clamp screws on the high vacuum side, whereas TPU and TMU models are supplied without connecting screws. The KF seal is provided for the fore-vacuum side. The flanges are closed with blind covers.

    Basic configuration

    To configure a functioning system, a turbomolecular pump with electronic drive unit and a connection cable to the power supply are required.

    Holweck stage

    A Holweck stage is a molecular pump stage with a smooth rotor and helical pumping channels in the stator. To be able to compress at high pressures, the dimensions of the pumping channels must be in the range of the average free path length of the gas molecules. With the optimal slit dimensions, maximum exhaust pressure of up to 20 mbar are achieved.


    The final pressure and the pumping out time depend on the cleanness of the pump and apparatus. To attain the final pressure in as short a time as possible, it is helpful to heat the turbopump and apparatus. The maximum admissible temperature at the high vacuum flange is 120 °C, or 160 °C for TPH/U 2200.

    Protection against impurities

    A screen is available to protect the pump against impurities larger than 4 mm. This screen entails a reduction in pumping speed of about 5%. For smaller objects such as glass splinters, the splinter shield is recommended, which is available for all pump sizes. This reduces the pumping speed by about 15-20%.

    Temperature Management System (TMS)

    The Temperature Management System is an electric heating which prevents substances from condensing in the turbopump. The temperature is set depending on the substance being pumped and kept constant by a controller. Due to the heating of the pumped media while the pressure is rising, they remain in gaseous form in the pump. All the processes can be carried out continuously and safely, without sacrificing pumping speed.


    Silencers are used in conjunction with turbopumps at instruments that are extremely sensitive to vibrations, such as electron microscopes, microprobes and certain analytic instruments.


    TPH and TMH: Turbo and turbo drag pumps for high vacuum applications with ISO-K flange.

    TPU and TMU: Turbo and turbo drag pumps for ultra high vacuum applications with CF-F flange.

    Explanation of abbreviations used

    P = Purge gas

    C = Corrosive gas

    H = High throughput (optimized gas flow)

    T = Temperature Management System

    M = Magnetic (rotor with magnetic bearing)

    Pfeiffer HiPace® 10-800 Turbo Pumps

    Compact, ball or hybrid bearing turbopumps in the pumping speed class from 10 to 800 l/s

    What is HiPace®?

    HiPace stands for a full range of compact and powerful turbopumps in the pumping speeds range of 10 to 2,000 l/s. It provides high cost-efficiency and flexibility, which allows almost all pumps of this range to be installed in any orientation. The proven bearing system guarantees unrivaled reliability. High pumping speeds, high backing pump compatibility and high gas throughput as well as excellent compression for light gases are made possible by the innovative rotor design.

    Integrated drive electronics

    The integrated drive electronics prevent costly cabling. In addition, various interface versions - Profibus, DeviceNet or E74 - are available. Thanks to innovative electronic components we have doubled the lifetime of these powerful drive units.

    Advantages at a glance

    • Complete series with pumping speeds from 10 to 800 l/s
    • Robust design and proven bearing system offer the highest reliability
    • Minimal space needs due to compact construction
    • High gas throughput and high pumping speed
    • Installation in any orientation1)
    • Suitable for industrial use thanks to protection class IP 54
    • Corrosive gas version available
    • Semi S2 und UL certification
    • Full range of accessories extends the possible uses
    • Extended maintenance intervals
    • Bearing replacement on site

    1) HiPace 300 C, 0° to 90°

    Fast run-up time

    The run-up time of the HiPace has been significantly reduced. It makes the pumps ready for action more quickly. This is an incalculable benefit for your production. In addition, we provide extended remote and sensor fuctionalities which allow you to assess pump data such as temperature, for example. The improved diagnostics make it possible to improve pump availability and support service.

    High-performance technology

    We are setting trends with the well thought-out design of the HiPace. The functional housing is partly responsible, as it makes the pumps extremely light and extends the application spectrum. Also, the innovative rotor geometry provides quiet operation and sets standards for significantly improved gas loads.

    Universally applicable

    HiPace Plus pumps are specially designed for electron microscopy and high-end mass spectrometry. Our HiPace C series are turbopumps specially for corrosive applications. In addition, we have HiPace P pumps which are suitable for industrial use, as they are insensitive to process dusts and intruding particles.

    Connection nominal diameter
    Flange (in)
    Flange (out)
    Venting connection

    DN 160 ISO-KF
    DN 25 ISO-KF
    G 1/8"
    Pumping speed for:
    Nitrogen (N2)
    Helium (He)
    Hydrogen (H2)
    Argon (Ar)

    685 l/s
    655 l/s
    555 l/s
    665 l/s
    Compression ratio for:
    Nitrogen (N2)
    Helium (He)
    Hydrogen (H2)
    Argon (Ar)

    > 1 x 1011
    3 x 107
    4 x 105
    > 1 x 1011
    Max. fore-vacuum pressure for
    Nitrogen (N2)

    11 hPa
    Max. gas throughput at full rotational speed for
    Nitrogen (N2)

    6.5 hPa l/s
    Ultimate pressure < 1 x 10-7
    Rotation speed 49,200 RPM
    Run-up time 2 min
    Cooling type, Standard Water
    Cooling water consumption 1.6 l/min
    Cooling water temperature 15-35 °C
    Operating voltage1) 48 ± 5% V DC
    Max. power consumption 400 W
    Weight 11.5-17.4 kg

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    Our precision vacuum pump rebuild process restores worn or damaged equipment back to the original manufacturers specifications and
    costs a fraction of purchasing new components. Each unit reconditioned by IVS is supported by the most competitive,
    practical warranty in the business: one year from the documented date of installation, not shipment.

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    • Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and charges.
    • Please allow ten days for delivery from order date to allow for certification and shipping of your equipment.

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