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Edwards SCU 800 Turbo Controller

Edwards SCU 800 Turbo Controller
    Item Number: YT49Z2Z00



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    Edwards SCU 800 Turbo Controller

    Edwards STP Magnetically Levitated Turbomolecular Pumps


    Edwards is a leader in clean and dry vacuum technology. The first STP pumps were sold in 1983 and there are now over 120,000 installations worldwide. 85% are operating on semiconductor process tools where they demonstrate exceptional levels of reliability. STP pumps are the first choice for applications demanding high up-time, hydrocarbon-free pump­ing, minimal maintenance and low vibration.

    • Proven reliability.
    • Clean oil-free high vacuum.
    • Complete range from 300 to 4500 l s-1.
    • Application specific models.
    • Very low noise and vibration.
    • Low cost of ownership.
    • Virtually maintenance free.
    • Installation in any orientation.
    • Full remote control interface.
    • Supported globally by Edwards

    Proven magnetic bearing technology

    The rotor is entirely suspended by magnetic bearings so all contact between the rotor and the remainder of the pump is eliminated. As well as giving very low vibration, the elimination of contact means no bearing wear and no requirement for consequent pump maintenance.

    UHV series

    The Ultra High Vacuum series of magnetically levitated turbo molecular pumps are the products of choice for the semiconductor, surface science or high energy physics industries. They offer unrivalled reliability, performance, clean­liness and class leading low vibration levels. The pumps are all d.c. powered, eliminating the need for batteries, they use a half rack controller which features auto-tuning and advanced diag­nostic features. The range contains pumps with speeds from 300 l s-1 to 1000 l s-1 all of which are available in ISO or CF flange variants.

    Oil Free

    All STP turbomolecular pumps are oil free. The use of magnetic bearings eliminates all hydrocarbon lubricants ensuring no contamination of the vacuum process from the turbomolecular pump. This feature is vital in the semiconductor industry (where device densities are constantly increasing) and in surface science or high energy physics applications (where even minute degrees of contamination disrupt measurements).

    Maintenance free

    Unlike conventional mechanical bearings, magnetic levitation means there is no frictional contact, eliminating sources of wear and vibration. This feature enables STP turbomolecular pumps to run for years with virtually no maintenance, reducing annual operating costs to a minimum and ensuring maximum up-time is achieved. This maintenance free feature can be particularly beneficial on processes producing chemical or radioactive contamination.

    Vibration free

    Magnetic levitation of the rotor results in an extremely low level of noise and vibration. Peak-to-peak vibration level is less than 0.02 µm. This amplitude remains constant throughout the life of the pump and is free from troublesome sub-harmonics

    Automatic balancing system (ABS)

    ABS is a unique patented devel­opment of 5-axis technology. If any rotor imbalance is introduced (by dep­osition of process by-products, for example), sensors in the pump detect changes in the rotor motion and compensate the magnetic bearing fields to allow the rotor to spin on its natural inertial axis. This minimizes the vibration transmitted to the inlet flange. ABS works at all pump rotational speeds.

    Safety backup bearings

    STP pumps have dry lubricated axial and radial mechanical bearings as safety backup bearings. These support the rotor and protect the pump in the event of a total disruption of magnetic sus­pension or a massive air inrush which overcomes the magnetic bearing stiffness. These high precision ball bearings are dry lubricated and are not in contact with the rotor during normal operation.

    Optimized rotors

    The multistage pure bladed rotors in the UHV pumps provide the high vacuums required for clear beam­lines on CD SEM machines, mass spectrometers and ion implanters. They provide optimum pumping performance with excellent light gas compression ratios.

    TMS system

    The Edwards Temperature Management System is available on a wide range of turbo pumps. It is designed to optimize the temperature within the pump, dramat­ically reducing the particle condensation within. This will not only considerably enhance the performance of the pump under harsh process conditions, but also increase its operational life.

    The Edwards SCU800 turbo pump control unit is a fully digital controller, and has perfect compatibility for middle sized pumps. New AVR (Auto vibration reduction) technology achieves a further reduction in vibration levels, and the advanced pre-maintenance call function provides advanced notice of precise maintenance time.

    The reliability focused design, enhanced communication function, and perfect compatibility bring significant back up units savings and contributes to a reduction in total C0O.

    Features & Benefits

    • Universal Controller
    • Single controller is used for middle sized pumps. No requirement for different controllers for each pump type
    • Service back up stocks will be reduced
    • Advanced Pre-maintenance Function
    • AVR (Auto Vibration Reduction) minimizes the rotate system vibration during acceleration.


    • Applicable Models
    • STP603/1003 series
    • STPH301/H451 series
    • STPH803/H1303 series
    • STPA803C/A1303 series
    Magnetic bearing control system Digital control
    Input voltage 100 – 120 V a.c. ±10%
    200 – 240 V a.c. ±10%
    Power consumption (without Temperature Management System, TMS) Max 850 VA
    Power consumption (with TMS) Max 1200 VA
    Input frequency 50/60 Hz ±2
    Leak current 3.5 mA
    Main breaker rated current 10 A
    Motor drive system 3-phase DC
    Allowable ambient temperature 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
    Weight 8.5 kg
    TMS control unit Built-in
    Serial communication function (RS232/RS485) Standard
    Panel display LCD

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