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Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps

When it comes to manufacturing or research, you often need to create and maintain high-vacuum conditions with a low level of absolute pressure. It is a turbomolecular pump that is without equal for this purpose. Thanks to high-performance rotors and astonishing pumping speed, this device works by giving gas molecules great momentum and, thus, creating a low-pressure environment for the desired applications. As of now, turbomolecular vacuum pumps prove to be must-haves in a plethora of industries and are used by companies engaged in the production of semiconductors, glass, surface coatings, vacuum alloys, lamps, and much more. At IVS, we take pride in having 20 years of experience servicing modern turbopumps and controllers. This equipment offers research specialists and manufacturers many benefits, including impressive compression capabilities, simplified integration, extended lifetime, and low vibration. We strive to take all these features to a new level and make sure you can use your turbopumps as long as you need.


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