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Stokes Factory Overhaul

Stokes Factory Overhaul

Innovative Vacuum Solutions (IVS) is the one and only authorized service provider for Stokes vacuum equipment. Each of the four IVS service centers has undergone facilities upgrades to ensure all processes, equipment, and tooling are ready to go.


The importance of using a Factory Authorized Service Center

The Stokes brand is a symbol of strength for industrial vacuum, and we are proud of our rich heritage of 125 years. Innovative Vacuum Solutions is the first, and only, service provider that we Authorized with our stamp of approval. Becoming an Authorized service provider is an extensive process; one that is not merely about training and facilities. It is also about sharing our values around integrity, quality, and reliability. As an Authorized service provider for Stokes Factory Overhaul, we stand behind the work that IVS performs as our own.

Stokes Vacuum Pump Overhaul

Stokes Factory Overhaul

Stokes Factory Overhaul restores the performance of your equipment to its original specification or better. We use factory procedures and genuine parts for each step of the process. From the initial evaluation through to the final test, you can be assured your Stokes vacuum pump is being serviced by the experts who know Stokes best.

Stokes Vacuum Pump Overhaul Chart

Service Packages And Upgrades

Our convenient Service Packages and Upgrades provide cost-effective options when additional components are required beyond the scope of our Stokes Factory Overhaul.

  • Belt Guard Package- Safety first! If the guard for your v-belt assembly has become damaged, we can replace it.
  • Rebore Package- Worn housing bore? Let us give your pump a second (or third, or fourth!) life by reboring to our exact specifications and installing oversized hingebars and spacers.
  • Harsh Duty Package- Some harsh applications cause damage to the metal casting parts. The Harsh Duty package has you covered, replacing the eccentrics, piston & slide, shaft and oil separator. For boosters, it covers the impellers and gear set.
  • Process Isolation Package- Boosters with process isolation have additional mechanical seals that require replacement. (mandatory for -5VR & -5HR variants)
  • Water Miser Upgrade- Ensure your pump is operating at the optimal temperature. Add or replace the water miser valve assembly, including thermometer.
  • Mechanical Seal Upgrade- Upgrade your booster shaft seals from the older lip seal design to our current mechanical cartridge design. Enjoy the benefits of higher load capacity, larger sight glasses and longer equipment life.

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